Apple has already decided that it’s going to design its graphics chips on its own and the company might take a similar step for its power management chip. A new report published today claims that Apple is creating a new team that will be tasked with designing the company’s very own battery management chip for mobile devices like the iPhone.

There would be an obvious advantage for the company if it does decide to do this. Not only will it provide Apple with more control over the iPhone’s internals, which is something that it particularly enjoys, but it may also allow the handset to be just a bit better than its Android-powered rivals as far as battery life is concerned.

German supplier Dialog Semiconductor currently supplies Apple with power management chips. The company says that it has already designed the power management chips for the 2017 and 2018 iPhones so there might not be an immediate change.

However, things might change in 2018 when it decides to move power management chip design in-house as well. Apple is believed to be poaching engineers from Dialog for its own team that’s going to be based in Germany as well.

As always, Apple has not commented on this report, since the company has a policy of not giving out comments on supply chain news.

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