Apple has decided to drop the iTunes branding from its Podcasts app so now the app that was previously known as iTunes Podcasts is now referred to as simply Apple Podcasts. It’s a minor change and Apple hasn’t made a big deal about it. The change was made public in just a couple of tweets sent out by the department’s marketing head.

This streamlines the company’s audio-related offerings and makes the branding similar to that of Apple Music. The decision to drop the branding separates the Podcasts app from the legacy of iTunes.

Apple appears to have taken a keen interest in the podcasting market. It’s certainly a big one and continues to grow. Apple’s Eddy Cue has previously promised that the Podcasts app is going to get some new features in the near future.

The company is yet to reveal precisely what these new features are going to be but it goes to show that Apple is serious about making its presence felt in the podcasting space and a rebrand is a good way to go about this as it seeks to step up its efforts in the coming months.

Apple is not revealing anything else about its plans for Podcasts so we’ll have to wait and see when it comes out with new features for the app.

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