The red and blue version of the Nintendo Switch appears to be the more popular choice compared to the grey model, but that also means that if you were slow to pull the trigger then we guess you would have missed out on getting your hands on it, and we can imagine that looking for stock is proving to be tricky.


However you’ll be pleased to learn that there is an unofficial alternative in the form of ColorWare who will now help gamers customize their Switch consoles. For those unfamiliar, ColorWare is a company that allows users to customize their gadgets, whether it be phones, tablets, computer, consoles, controllers, and so on, and those customization options are available for the Switch.

Given that there are so many options that users can choose from, you can opt to go for the red/blue combo like the official Nintendo Switch, or maybe even opt for something a little crazier, depending on your preferences. However like we said, these aren’t official options so there’s that to take into consideration.

Also note that you’ll have to pay ColorWare for the customization of your Switch, so you’ll end up paying more than if you stuck to grey or red/blue, but if you’re not too fussed then head on over to ColorWare’s website for the details.

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