Sirens aren’t really used to broadcast the announcement of good news. They’re associated with emergency services and warnings. If you were in Dallas, Texas last week you might have heard quite a few of them go off, 18 minutes before midnight on Friday to be precise. That’s when every tornado siren in Dallas was hacked and fired up at the exact same time.


You can see in the video posted below exactly how it sounds like when all 156 emergency weather sirens go off in a city as big as Dallas. These sirens are meant to be used when the purpose is to warn residents about approaching storms or tornados.

Imagine what the city’s 1.3 million residents would have gone through close to midnight with all of the city’s tornado sirens blaring at the same time. They weren’t shut off soon, the sirens were actually blaring for more than an hour and an half which will certainly have terrified some residents who were unaware of what had actually happened.

City officials tried to get the situation under control and after about an hour of trying, they decided to “to unplug the radio systems and the repeater, and pretty much turn the siren system completely off.”

As for who is responsible for the hack, officials believe that it came from the Dallas area. The possibility that someone gained access to a hub that connects all sirens and executed this hack is very likely.

A remote hack has been ruled out.

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