If you have been looking forward to playing the DLC for Halo Wars 2 dubbed “Colony”, here is some bad news. It seems that the developers have announced and confirmed that the DLC has been delayed due to a game-breaking bug, which is a bummer since it means you don’t get to play it now, but we guess it’s still better than playing a buggy release, right?

According to post on the Halo Waypoint website, “Some of you asked what the game-breaking bug actually was so, here’s the scoop: Initially the real show-stopper had to do with the new Skitterer units, which are basically little symbiotes that can be attached to any friendly unit that acts as a mini self-targeting turret and healer.”

“During a final test pass, the team found something disturbing – it turned out that once an attached Skitterer started firing on a target, it could continue doing with so with zero regard to range or line of sight. Imagine equipping a few fast moving Banshees with Skitterers, flying up to your opponent’s base and taking a few quick shots, and then retreating across the map as your friendly Skitterers continue to fire away at their target from miles away.”

Now while the DLC has been delayed, it has been confirmed that the delay won’t be long as it will be released next week instead, so we guess gamers won’t have to wait too long to get their hands on it.

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