Last year Google announced Google WiFi, a hockey puck shaped router that allowed users to create a mesh network in their home, thus ensuring that WiFi is evenly distributed and potentially killing off any dead spots. It works as intended and so far feedback seems to be mostly positive.

That being said if you’re hoping for a newer version of Google WiFi, you’ll be pleased to learn that Google could be working on a second-generation Google WiFi thanks to a recent sighting at the FCC. The specs of the newer version appear to be similar to last year’s model with dual-band support, and if anything it sounds like it could be a more pared down version.

Android Police has noted that the version spotted at the FCC does not have support for ZigBee protocol which is usually associated with IoT and home automation, which means that maybe this could be a cheaper and simpler version for users who just want WiFi and don’t really want all the other features.

It will however retain the same ports, such as dual ethernet ports and a power connection. No word on when this particular model will be revealed, but it is possible with Google I/O 2017 coming up that we could learn more about it then.

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