The other day it was reported that over in the US, Nintendo had managed to sell over 900,000 units. The company claims that this made the Switch the fastest-selling console in the company’s history, which is saying something given that Nintendo has been around for a while and has put out quite a few memorable pieces of hardware.

However like we said those figures are just for the US alone, meaning that combining the sales from other markets should result in a more impressive figure, and we were right. According to the latest numbers from SuperData, it turns out that the Switch’s worldwide sales has managed to hit 2.4 million units, and this is within the console’s first month of availability.

That being said we can’t be sure if these are units sold directly to retailers, or if these are the number of units sold to consumers directly, which is an important distinction since both figures can be very different, but regardless it does indicate that there is a strong demand for the console at the end of the day.

Based on this, SuperData predicts that the Switch could very well sell as many as 7.2 million units by the end of 2017, which is half of that of the PS4 in its first year, and it is also about 3 million behind the Xbox One. Given that there are still plenty of amazing games that have yet to be launched or announced, 7.2 million doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch.

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