While there are many photography/image editing apps out there, one of the main reasons why Prisma has managed to garner so much attention is because of the use of AI when applying filters. This means that the process is slightly more well thought out compared to just slapping a bunch of funky effects on top of photos.


The app comes with a bunch of filters to choose from, and the good news for users who are hankering for more is that in an update to the app, the developers have introduced a new filter store. As the name implies, this is a store in which users can grab more filters if the current ones aren’t to their liking, or if they want more variety.

However the good news is that these filters appear to be free for now, although we wouldn’t be surprised if at some point Prisma might start charging for them similar to what VSCO is doing with its presets. The filters are organized into various collections and users can now delete styles they no longer like or use.

To top it off, the developers have also announced that in the near future, the app’s most active users will get a chance to create their own filter/style that other Prisma users can then download and use with their own photos. We’re not sure how that will work or when that will happen, but it should be interesting to look forward to.

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