The human body is a wonderment and it’s usually only when it’s too late that we can appreciate what it does for us. For example did you know your eye’s natural lens will automatically focus on whatever you’re looking at? We suppose it might be obvious, but it’s not really something we think about.

However trying to replicate this with glasses can be tricky, but scientists have recently managed to develop a pair of smart glasses that can automatically refocus on whatever the wearer is viewing, thus mimicking the eye’s natural lens. The idea is that eventually we could do away with the need for glasses with different types of lenses, like bifocals or trifocals.

These liquid lenses are mounted onto a frame that has an electromechanical system that causes the membrane to bend and adjust their focus. However the glasses determine where the user is looking is through a sensor that is mounted in the bridge of the glasses that uses pulses of infrared light to not only see where the wearer is looking, but also the precise distance. From there an algorithm is used to instantly adjust the lens to allow the wearer to focus on what they are looking at.

This chance is said to take only 14 milliseconds which is 25 seconds faster than it takes for you to blind your eye. This means that in the future, a single pair of glasses might be all you need for most sight-related problems you might have.

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