Last week Nintendo made an announcement that surprised, shocked, and disappointed many gamers in one fell swoop: they would be discontinuing the NES Classic Edition. Considering how many units the console had sold, many were wondering if Nintendo was crazy to cut off such a perfect revenue stream.

However it turns out it might be because the company has a successor in the works. According to a report from Eurogamer, they have heard from their sources that Nintendo plans on releasing the SNES Mini later this year, or the SNES Classic Edition or whatever Nintendo plans on calling it. Assuming this is true, this is even better news as the SNES did have better games on it, many of which we’re hoping will find its way onto the rumored console.

This report might also explain why over in Japan, Nintendo’s website for the Famicom Classic Edition stated that production had ended “for now” and that Nintendo would inform customers when “production is being resumed”, suggesting that the discontinuation would be temporary, which we guess could also pave the way for a Super Famicom Classic Edition.

We are certainly hoping that the report is true, which given Eurogamer’s track record for such leaks could very well be the case, especially when you consider how much people are trying to sell their NES Classic Editions on eBay where prices have been marked up 400-500%!

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