There are obvious speed advantages that solid state drives boast over their magnetic, disk-based hard drive counterparts but there is something that SSD owners have to be mindful of. Rapidly transferring data to and from SSDs can cause data loss by simply wearing out the storage drive. That’s not to say that this happens often but it remains a possibility. It can prove to be a problem with intensive tasks like filming 4K video which requires a storage solution that can quickly write data at a constant rate without error. Sony has come up with a solution for those who want to use SSDs when they’re filming 4K video. Its new durable SSDs have been created with this sole purpose in mind.

Sony has designed its new G Series Professional SSDs for customers who want to use solid state drives for 4K video capture. It claims that these SSDs can provide users with stable 4K recording without frame drops even when the drive has been rewrited multiple times.

The company also says that these SSDs feature a more durable SATA connector than conventional drives which enables them to be inserted and removed up to 3,000 times before failing.

Sony is offering two models in this new SSD series. The SV-GS96 has 960GB of storage and costs $539 while the SV-GS48 promises 480GB of storage for $287.

The company says that the former is rated for a lifetime total of 2,400 TB written which means that the drive can hold up to being filled five times a week for ten years. The 460GB model is rated for a lifetime total of 1,200TB or five years of being completely filled for five times per week.

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