Back in the day if you wanted to blanket your entire home with WiFi that had equal strength regardless of which room you were in, you’d either have to have a strategically placed router, a router that offered up very strong signal strengths, or rely on WiFi extenders. However these days mesh routers are becoming increasingly common.

In fact last year Google launched their own mesh router with the Google Wifi, joining the likes of Netgear, Linksys, Plume, and more. Now it seems that TP-Link wants in on the action as well as the company has announced the Deco M5, the company’s take on mesh routers. With the Deco M5, it will allow three access points for your WiFi devices to switch between depending on which access point is offering the best speeds at that moment.

According to TP-Link, they claim that the Deco M5 three-pack will be enough to cover 4,500 square feet which should be more than enough for most users, but for those who have a larger space to cover, they will be able to hook up to 10 Deco M5 devices together. The router will also come with an accompanying software that lets users prioritize services or devices.

In terms of pricing, TP-Link has priced the three-pack for $299 which isn’t too bad and puts it in line with Google Wifi. For those who are interested, the Deco M5 should be available for purchase later this week.

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