Microsoft today announced that it’s testing a new Windows 10 feature called power throttling which as the name suggests is going to help conserve battery life on Windows 10-powered notebooks and tablets. The feature is being tested in the latest Windows 10 preview build (16176). The company says that this feature will help save as much as 11 percent battery usage.

Many of us have multiple apps running in the background on our computers and they can eat away at the battery life if we’re using a notebook or a tablet. Power throttling will run background apps in a more efficient manner so as to conserve battery life.

When the power throttling feature is active and background apps are running, Windows is going to place the CPU in its most efficient operating modes to ensure that background work is not suspended but is done using minimal possible battery power.

Microsoft’s experiments have revealed that this feature can save up to 11 percent in CPU power consumption for some of the most strenuous use cases. Microsoft is going to release this feature in the next major Windows 10 update that’s due to arrive later this year.

It does point out that the power throttling feature only works with processors that have Intel’s Speed Shift technology, this includes the company’s 6th generation and beyond Core processors. Microsoft is going to expand support to other processors as well in the next few months.

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