If you’re hoping that after acquiring Workflow, Apple would continue to let its developer work on the app and provide updates like new features and what not, you might be disappointed to learn that the version of Workflow that you’re using now is pretty much going to be the same version for the foreseeable future.

This is according to a report from iGeneration (via AppleInsider) in which according to emails sent to users, it seems that there will no significant updates released for the app. This doesn’t mean that the app will end up being neglected, but rather if there are updates, it will only to address bugs with the software, but don’t expect anything new.

However the fact that Apple is keeping the app around is interesting as Apple has in the past been quick to shut down services that they’ve acquired. Perhaps Apple wants more iOS users to use it app and get used to its features before baking it into iOS. The fact that the app is now free (with Apple reimbursing customers who paid for it) suggests that the company wants the app to reach a wider audience.

In any case we guess if you’re already pretty happy with the way Workflow is now, then this doesn’t really change anything.

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