If it isn’t scary enough that robots could soon be taking over our jobs, it seems that computers are now smart enough to beat some of the best humans at their own game. In this case, it looks like Google’s AlphaGo AI has managed to beat the world’s number one Go player, Ke Jie, further cementing just how smart it is.

For those unfamiliar, AlphaGo is based off on Google’s DeepMind AI in which it was created to test its skills against real-life Go players. Back in 2016 it managed to win against legendary Korean champion Lee Se-dol, and while Lee did manage to win one round, AlphaGo ultimately trounced the player.

AlphaGo’s match against Ke Jie was announced last month where the 19-year old Chinese player was considered by many to be the best in the world and ranked number 1 worldwide. What was interesting in this match is that Ke Jie was found to have learnt from AlphaGo’s more unorthodox moves and tried to use it against the AI.

Ultimately AlphaGo won, although it seemed like a pretty close match as the AI won by just half a point. According to DeepMind CEO and co-founder Demis Hassabis, “I think it was a really wonderful game. Huge respect to Ke Jie for playing such a great game and pushing AlphaGo to its limits.” Note that this match is just the first and that the second will be played this Thursday, with the finale taking place on Saturday (both days are based on China time).

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