Chipotle has confirmed that a hack that left malware on its systems compromised credit card information of customers at its restaurants across the United States from March 24th to April 18th. Chipotle first said that it had been the victim of an attack back in April and it has now shared more details about the debacle. It hasn’t said how many customers have been affected by this hack.

The Chipotle hack has left customer information compromised, it includes cardholder names, card numbers, expiration dates, and internal verification codes. Chipotle says that no other information was compromised in the hack.

The company says that this attack lifted data off the magnetic strips of credit cards used in its stores across the United States. While it hasn’t said how many customers were affected by the hack, it has provided a searchable list of locations that were hit by this attack, the list even includes the dates on which each restaurant was vulnerable.

If you remember visiting a Chipotle location during the period mentioned above, you might want to check out the list and see whether the location you visited was affected by the hack.

“Because of the nature of the incident and the type of data involved, we do not know how many unique payment cards may have been involved,” a spokesperson for Chipotle said.

The company says that it has resolved the issue to prevent something like this from recurring.

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