When it comes to developing apps, there are many ways one can go about solving the same problem or trying to achieve the same thing. This is where experience comes into play, where more experienced developers will probably be better at coming up with code that is more efficient, so like we said, not all apps are created equal.

Google knows this and this is also something they want to help improve, which is why Google now has a new way of informing developers if their apps just aren’t quite up to scratch. Basically what happens is that if an app is ranked in the bottom 25% when it comes to stability, battery efficiency, or rendering metrics, Google will notify the developer via the developer console.

Google revealed six different metrics that they will use to determine if an app has been made poorly, which includes error messages such as “Application not responding error”, experiencing at least one crash, where it keeps a device awake for more than an hour, an app that wakes a device up more than 10 times an hour, apps that run slower than 60fps, and laggy frame rendering.

Of course whether or not the developer chooses to respond to Google’s advice/suggestions is a different story, but back in February Google did state that how well an app performs will affects its promotability, meaning that poorly-made apps could be less visible than better-made ones, so that should be incentive enough for developers to improve on their work.

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