Update: Google has reached out to Ubergizmo, saying that the information in the picture isn’t accurate. This may simply be an error that was introduced when a partner updated a datasheet. We left the rest of the story as a reference in case you came to this page following a link.

Back in 2016, Google launched the Google WiFi which is a hockey puck-shaped device that allows users to create a mesh network in their home for better WiFi coverage. However could Google have bigger plans for the WiFi device than being a mere WiFi extender? According to a recent sighting on Google’s website, it could be.

Spotted by the folks at Phandroid, the Google WiFi Product Overview page has revealed a rather interesting addition to its specs in the form of a camera as you can see in the screenshot above. It has been speculated that maybe it could be a typo, but it is a rather huge typo since this is an entirely different feature that you might not expect from a WiFi device.

An alternate theory is that Google is planning on giving the WiFi an upgrade by introducing a camera, thus allowing it to be turned into a home security device as well. Given that the idea of the WiFi is to be placed around various parts of the home, this effectively allows users to setup multiple cameras at the same time.

However given that Google already owns Nest which has their own lineup of indoor and outdoor cameras, it would be a bit strange for Google to try and compete with themselves. In any case we’ll wait for confirmation to see if this is really a typo or an actual thing which could be revealed at Google I/O which kicks off this week.

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