Not too long ago, the United States government decided to ban laptops and electronic devices larger than smartphones on flights operating out of select countries. It has since been reported multiple times that this ban may be extended to flights operating out of Europe. That may not be the case, though, as a new report suggests that a ban on laptops on flights out of Europe is “off the table.”

The ban has been defended by the administration as a precaution against terrorist attacks. They cite intelligence which suggests that ISIS has been developing bombs that can be hidden in small electronic devices like tablets.

Officials from the United States and Europe met in Brussels yesterday, reports the BCC, to discuss the proposed bans on laptops and tablets. The officials have reportedly “decided against” the ban.

However, they are said to be considering other measures to address the administration’s concerns that led it to propose a ban in the first place. As far as the ban is concerned it’s said to be “off the table” for now.

The airline industry has been vocal against the proposed extension of the ban to Europe, mentioning that passengers are going to lose over $1.1 billion per year due to longer travel times and being unable to work on the plane.

More information about the other measures that are being discussed might be revealed next week when the officials meet once again in Washington, DC.

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