NVIDIA has, rather quietly, launched the GeForce GT 1030. It’s an affordable graphics card that rivals the Radeon RX 550. It’s geared towards those who want to get a graphics card that isn’t too expensive but does fulfill their e-sports and home theater PC requirements. The fact that it’s not a high-end product is evident from the absence of the “X” in GTX.


NVIDIA hasn’t used the GT moniker for a graphics card since the 700 series so it’s bringing this moniker out of retirement, so to say, for the GT 1030. Even though it’s based on the Pascal architecture, the GT 1030 is a low-power card.

The NVIDIA GT 1030 has 384 CUDA cores with a memory interface width of 64 bit. It also has 2GB of vRAM, clock speed of 1468MHz and support for a maximum resolution of 7690×4320 at 60Hz. The reference build has one DisplayPort 1.4, one Dual-link DVI, and HDCP 2.2. The company recommends that a 300W system power supply be used with this card.

As previously mentioned, this is an affordable graphics card that’s not going to appeal to those who are into some serious PC gaming. Those who are interested in purchasing this graphics card can now buy the NVIDIA GT 1030 for around $75. Some online retailers are even selling it for $70.

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