Smartphones these days are starting to include dual rear-facing cameras. The dual camera setup allows smartphones to take better photos and emulate better depth-of-field which are typically only achievable on mirrorless/DSLR cameras. However with the upcoming OnePlus 5, it seems that the company could be taking things to the next level.

In a previous report, it was suggested that the OnePlus 5 could sport dual rear-facing cameras, but in a post on Weibo by Xiaokang (via Pocketnow), it seems that the handset will sport not just two cameras on the back, but two cameras on the front as well, bringing the total number of cameras on the smartphone to four!

This is based on alleged sketches for the OnePlus 5 in which the dual front-facing cameras were labeled. Of course it’s hard to tell if the sketches are even the real deal to begin with so take this with a grain of salt for now, but it isn’t completely surprising. Exactly what the dual cameras will do remains to be seen, but if we had to venture a guess it will probably end up offering the same features as the back cameras, except on the front.

The OnePlus 5 has been pretty much confirmed and according to the company, they had previously confirmed that the handset will be launched this coming summer, so check back with us in the coming months for the official details.

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