Samsung, its battery-making affiliate Samsung SDI to be precise, is going to demonstrate its new household energy storage system this week as demand continues to rise globally for green energy storage systems. The system will primarily be used for storing energy that’s collected from solar panels.

Samsung SDI is a group company of the Samsung Group, South Korea’s biggest conglomerate. It supplies Samsung Electronics with batteries for its Galaxy smartphones. Samsung SDI also supplies batteries for electric cars to some car manufacturers.

The company is going to show off its new household energy storage system products at the Intersolar Europe 2017 tradeshow in Munich that starts May 31. It’s going to put the spotlight on its high-capacity, high-energy ESS modules that are meant for household customers.

The company will be supplying modules to end-product ESS makers that will fit them with cases and other components before selling them as finished products.

Samsung offers 4.8kWh per module with up to 39 module being able to be joined in one unit. The maximum capacity will thus be 188kWh, enough to theoretically power 19 homes in a day, given that the average European home uses 10kWh per day.

Samsung points out that its modules are highly scalable so it can meet client demand without any issues. The new models are being tested with customers at this point in time. Mass production is slated to begin in the second half of this year. Commercial applications will begin in 2018.

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