Nissan has been a player in the electric car market for a long time and now after launching its revamped Leaf electric car, the company has decided to offer an all-in-one solar energy storage solution much like the one Tesla offers in the United States. The solution will be backed by Nissan’s xStorage home battery as part of the Nissan Energy Solar home energy scheme.

Tesla has long been selling its Powerwall batteries for home energy storage solutions and has recently been selling photovoltaic panels as well to provide a one-stop solution for those looking to switch their homes to solar energy.

The Nissan Energy Solar solution has only been launched in the United Kingdom for now, though, allowing customers to optimize the way their properties create, store, and consume energy through solar panels, batteries, and a home energy management system.

Nissan says that this system can deliver a reduction of up to 66 percent in household electricity bills with the ability to generate, store, and manage energy for overnight use even on rainy and overcast days when the sun isn’t shining in all its glory.

Customers will be given the choice to select energy storage systems that use new batteries or recycled batteries from Nissan’s Leaf electric cars. The latter will maximize the use of recyclable materials for a more sustainable option.

Prices for a six-panel system start at £3,881 which is just over $5,200.

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