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Wello Family, Smart E-Cargo Bike with Solar-powered AssistanceEditor's Pick
Wello solar smart cargo e-bike (e-cargo bike) with a maximum speed of 25 mph (40 km/h), 60km range on one charge, up to 100 km range with solar and connected with an app.

Nissan Launches A Solar Energy Package Of Its Own
Nissan has been a player in the electric car market for a long time and now after launching its revamped Leaf electric car, the company has decided to offer an all-in-one solar energy storage solution much like the one Tesla offers in the United States. The solution will be backed by Nissan’s xStorage home battery as part of the Nissan Energy Solar home energy scheme.

California Becomes First State To Mandate Solar Panels For New Homes
California has taken a major step to push its residents to adopt solar energy. The state has approved a plan that mandates solar panels on new homes and apartment buildings that are built after January 1st, 2020. It has now become the first state in the country to mandate solar panels on homes. The plan to do this has been unanimously approved by the California Energy Commission. This is in […]

Microsoft Makes 'Single Largest Corporate Purchase' Of Solar Energy
Microsoft made a commitment in 2016 to use 60 percent renewable energy for its operations by early 2020. It has since taken concrete steps to move to renewable sources of energy. The company has now announced what it claims to be the “single largest corporate purchase” of solar energy in the United States, it has purchased 315 MW of energy from the new Pleinmont I and II solar projects in […]


Elon Musk Explains How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Power The U.S.
Tesla is no longer just an electric car company. The acquisition of SolarCity has made it a major player in the green energy segment as well. It’s now selling solar panels and battery backups to customers that want to shift to this renewable source of energy. Tesla has already undertaken big projects that involve supplying power to entire islands with just solar panels but could the same be done for […]

Largest Floating Solar Power Plant Now Supplying Power To China
It’s no secret that China ranks quite high on the list of countries that suffer from pollution caused by rapid industrialization and the fuel-powered power plants that are required to power those industries. The country has been gradually shifting to cleaner sources of electricity as it strives to fight pollution that often rises to dangerous levels in major cities like Beijing. The country has now started sourcing power from a […]

Samsung To Showcase New Household Energy Storage System This Week
Samsung, its battery-making affiliate Samsung SDI to be precise, is going to demonstrate its new household energy storage system this week as demand continues to rise globally for green energy storage systems. The system will primarily be used for storing energy that’s collected from solar panels.

Pre-order Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Starting Today
Tesla is now in the business of selling solar roof tiles. It entered into this business after the acquisition of SolarCity last year. These tiles look like normal roof tiles but they’re so much more than that as they have almost the same efficiency as conventional solar cells. Thus they enable homeowners to harness energy from the sun all day without having to install any additional panels. Tesla has now […]

Orders For Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Open Next Month
Tesla is no longer a company that just sells electric cars. Its acquisition of SolarCity has made it a player in the clean energy game as well. Tesla announced solar roof tiles last year. They look like conventional roof tiles but actually do much more because they have almost the same efficiency of normal solar cells. This means that homeowners can harness energy from the sun throughout the day without […]

Tesla Hooks Up An Entire Island With Solar Energy
Tesla will no longer be known as a company that just makes electric cars because following the acquisition of SolarCity, it’s now a proper clean energy company with a host of products under its belt. To show off its clean energy capabilities, Tesla today revealed that it has been setting up a microgrid of solar energy panels and batteries that will supply the entire island of Ta’u in American Samoa […]

BMW Will Reuse i3 Electric Car Batteries As Home Energy Solution
Electric cars have big lithium-ion battery packs that enable it to hold enough charge to power the entire vehicle. Tesla’s electric cars can provide a range of up to 200 miles on a single charge and other car manufacturers are working on models with similar range. The BMW i3 electric car may not offer that much range but it’s going to enable customers to get more bang for their buck, […]

San Diego Aiming To Be On 100% Renewable Energy By 2035
San Diego already produces the second largest electrical output from solar energy in the United States and it’s looking to further increase the use of renewable energy in running the municipality. The city has announced a new plan which details its ambition to run the city on 100 percent renewable energy by 2035. Its vision for the future has been outlined in a 74-page document called the Climate Action Plan. […]

San Francisco Makes Solar Panels Mandatory Starting Next Year
There’s a much greater push now to adopt solar power as there are numerous benefits of adopting renewable energy sources as opposed to the conventional methods of generating power. San Francisco hopes that one day 100 percent of its energy will come from renewable resources and it has now passed legislation that will help it achieve that goal. The legislation makes solar panels mandatory for all new construction starting next […]

Morocco's New Solar Farm Might Become World's Largest In The Future
Over the past few years, there has been a renewed interest in sustainable sources of energy and solar really is one of the most widely used options available today. There are all sorts of options available for businesses, countries and individual citizens. We’re seeing countries rapidly adopt solar power and set up new farms to cash in on this sustainable and renewable energy source. Morocco has flipped the switch on […]

Google's Project Sunroof Shows If Investing In Solar Is Worth It
Fixing solar panels to the roof of our home or office is a good way to cut down on the electricity bill but it’s easier said than done, first there’s the significant initial investment and then you have to be sure whether or not the roof receives adequate amount of usable sunlight for an investment in solar to be actually worth it. Google is leveraging its technologies to make it easier […]

Solar Impulse Not Going Anywhere Until Next Year
We first heard about Solar Impulse a few years back when this project was still under development, the idea was to create a solar powered airplane that could undertake a round-the-world-trip. Fast forward to 2015 and Solar Impulse 2 has flown several missions around the world also setting some records on the way, it recently completed a non-stop flight from Japan to Hawaii only on solar energy. Unfortunately the airplane’s batteries were […]

Solar Impulse 2 Grounded Due To Battery Damage
The solar powered aircraft Solar Impulse 2 has been grounded following its record-breaking flight from Japan to Hawaii last week in which the aircraft flew non-stop for 117 hours and 52 minutes on nothing but solar energy. During this leg of the around-the-world journey that this aircraft is on its batteries suffered major damage which is why Solar Impulse 2 has been grounded for a few weeks as the necessary repairs […]

Obama Administration Will Help More People Adopt Solar Energy
The solar industry’s performance in the U.S. has steadily been improving over the past years. In 2014 the country brought online as much solar energy every three weeks as it did in all of 2008, and the industry as a whole added jobs ten times faster than the rest of the economy. The Obama Administration wants to build on this momentum and help more people, particularly low-income families, adopt solar energy […]

Smappee User Friendly Home Energy Management System Launches in the U.S.
Smappee is an energy management solution that comprises a box and a mobile application to monitor all the appliances and heat system in the home.According to Stefan Grosjean, CEO and founder, Samppee can help homeowners save up to 12% on their energy bills. He explained that his solution is efficient for saving energy due to the user centric approach and the real-time feedback provided by the mobile app.Smappee launched in […]

London's Infamous Phone Booths Being Turned Into Solar Powered Charging Stations
There are certain things that are exclusive to London, be it the London Eye, the Thames or the black cabs, these symbols are globally recognizable. Red phone booths are another symbol that scream London and now they’re nothing more than tourist attractions because no one needs public phones anymore given that mobiles have taken over. A new project is underway which is converting these infamous red phone booths to solar powered […]