Back in the day, SEGA used to be a pretty big household name as far as gaming was concerned. The company even had their own consoles and some pretty classic franchises to their name, such as Sonic the Hedgehog. These days SEGA’s name isn’t quite what it used to be, but the company is planning on a comeback.

In a recent presentation made to its investors (via DualShockers), the company revealed that they are planning on reviving some of their dormant IPs and that they plan to release some “big hits” over multiple platforms. In order to do this, they stated that they will be more careful with their releases and will focus on the big hits rather than “middle hits”, and will focus their investments on promoting promising titles.

Exactly what SEGA plans to release remains to be seen since the company does have quite a few titles under the belt. Also when exactly they plan to release them is also another story but presumably it won’t be too far off into the future. The company has also stated that they are aiming for simultaneous releases across various markets around the world, such as Japan, North America, Europe and Asia.

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