We’ve seen how sometimes getting emotional can lead to people saying things that they do not mean in the heat of the moment. However it seems that when it comes to making decisions, perhaps one should consider using a smartphone instead of a PC because in a recent study, it is found that we are more rational when it comes to using smartphones.

This study was published in the Computers in Human Behavior journal (via Engadget) where interestingly enough, people have been found to be more rational when it came to dealing with a dilemma versus using a computer. PC users were found to rely more on intuitive emotional decision making.

Apparently this is due to how smartphones tend to let us focus on just one thing at a time, while PCs allow for more outside information, although we suppose this is largely in part due to the way the softwares are designed. Speaking to City University of London, Dr. Albert Barque-Duran, the lead author of the study said, “What we found in our study is that when people used a smartphone to view classic moral problems, they were more likely to make more unemotional, rational decisions when presented with a highly emotional dilemma.”

He adds, “This could be due to the increased time pressures often present with smartphones and also the increased psychological distance which can occur when we use such devices compared to PCs.”

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