Screenshot credit – The Verge

It is widely believed and accepted that USB-C will eventually become the new standard for the future. This is also why some computer makers have decided to include the port in their laptops, such as Apple who had decided to eschew with the more traditional USB-A ports in 100% favor of USB-C for its new laptops.

Microsoft on the other hand doesn’t think that is the case which we saw with the launch of the Surface Laptop. However what’s interesting is that maybe at some point in time, Microsoft did consider USB-C because in a report from The Verge, they spotted within a promo video for the laptop that a prototype with USB-C ports was shown off by accident, which you can see in the screengrab above.

Clearly this prototype did not make the final cut since the Surface Laptop that we know now does not have USB-C. Instead Microsoft has opted to use ports like a mini DisplayPort and the Surface connector to connect peripherals. When asked why the laptop had no USB-C ports, Microsoft’s designers responded by saying that there is a lack of maturity in USB-C with power and cable issues, as well as a lack of market adoption.

We suppose that’s a fair point, but at the same time if more manufacturers were to push ahead with it, then accessory makers and other companies would have no choice but to follow suit, right? In any case we guess this isn’t really that big of a deal, especially if you’re not a fan of dongles and adapters.

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