In sci-fi TV shows, movies, and cartoons, if there is one piece of tecnhnology that we see quite often it is cars that can fly. The advantage is that without roads, there will be no traffic jams and people can get to their destinations faster. Unfortunately that future is far from being a reality, but Toyota is hoping to see that come 2020.


In a report from Nikkei, Toyota has recently announced that they will be backing the project of one of its employees. Led by a group called Cartivator, it is being led by Tsubasa Nakamura who won a business contest. The team has 30 or so members who contribute to the project in their free time and has largely relied on online crowdfunding as a means to finance itself.

However Toyota’s announcement will see the company invest 40 million yen (about $350,000) into the business. Toyota’s goal is to get the car flying by next year and have it commercialized in time for the 2020 Olympic games where they are hoping it can be used to light the Olympic torch.

Of course when exactly it will be road legal is a different story. After all self-driving cars have yet to gain full regulatory approval around the world, and we can only imagine that cars that can fly will present its own set of regulatory and legal obstacles.

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