Unlike hotels when it comes to checking into an Airbnb location, different hosts have different rules. For example there are some hosts who are completely hands off and will just give you instructions and notes on how to get to the location, where to get your key, and so on, while there are some who might meet you at a train station or the location and guide you in.

In a bid to help make the check-in process more efficient, Airbnb has decided to lend a helping hand with an in-app guide. “Now, guests of hosts who opt in to the new tool will receive clear, visual, in-app step-by-step guides on what to look for and expect when they arrive — like what door to enter through, where the lockbox is located, and what the code is. Guests can access this information right in the Airbnb app whenever they need it, even if without internet access.”

Prior to this, hosts who were more hands off would use photos to illustrate their point, and while this new feature of Airbnb still relies on photos as a guide on where to find things like the keys, it is expected to be a clearer version that before, and given that it is built into the app itself, users can still access it even without internet, which might not always be quite as accessible when you travel.

Of course this is pretty much contingent on hosts providing such detailed instructions to begin with, but we reckon that for hosts who want to achieve a high rating or maintain their ratings, this is something they’ll probably be doing anyway.

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