There’s some great news for Breaking Bad fans that happen to own Sony’s PlayStation console. It has been confirmed that PlayStation is teaming up with Sony Pictures and Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan to develop a virtual reality experience for the hit TV show. It has also been confirmed that this virtual reality experience for the popular TV series is not going to be a game.

This has been confirmed by Sony Interactive Entertainment America President Shawn Layden who spoke with Polygon. He confirmed that they’re working with Sony Pictures and Vince Gilligan on the VR experience.

The idea for the Breaking Bad VR experience came from one of the events that PlayStation held at its San Mateo campus last year.

He added that while he doesn’t know what the experience is going to be and what the developers are going to do with it, but they are very keen on doing something related to Breaking Bad in virtual reality. They are looking at VR as an entirely new platform so they will proceed accordingly.

The Sony executive didn’t reveal any more details about what the virtual reality experience was going to bring to the table, so it’s unclear whether it will be a recreation of existing content from the show or some new addition.

It hasn’t been confirmed as yet when this VR experience will be released.

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