DotA 2 is largely seen as a multiplayer game and that’s because it is. The way the game has been designed pretty much leaves little to no room for a story, but Valve is hoping to shake things up a bit in case players start to get a bit bored or who might want a bit more. So much so that they have introduced a multiplayer campaign.

According to the announcement on the DotA 2 blog, “Each playthrough of this campaign offers the chance to earn in-game Artifacts that can be used each time you play the campaign during the Battle Pass season. Comprised of all-new items to the Dota universe, Artifacts are mythic objects of power that can be equipped in your inventory as you progress through the challenges of the campaign.”

Note that this isn’t the first time that Valve has tried to shake things up with DotA 2 in terms of gameplay. From time to time the developer has released temporary co-op game modes that helps to keep things fresh and exciting. Unfortunately in the case of this multiplayer campaign, it will not be free.

Gamers who are interested in taking part will have to pay a fee of $10 for the International Battle Pass that will grant them access to it. The money that is spent on this pass is also expected to find its way (some of it) to the prize pool for this year’s The International DotA 2 championship.

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