Fidget spinners are nifty little devices that emerged out of China. These cheap toys are everywhere now. You probably get bombarded by advertisements for fidget spinners online every single day. They’re now a global trend and Google is getting in on that trend. Don’t think that Google is actually in the business of selling physical fidget spinners, it’s merely putting one in your desktop, mobile, and tablet.

The fidget spinner toy is marketed as a stress reliever for those who tend to get very anxious. It gives them something to do with their hands while they work out whatever it is that’s stressing them out.

I’ve tried it myself and while I am no stranger to stressful situations, the novelty wore out for me after a couple of minutes. Even then I was more interested in the working of this contraption as opposed to its holistic benefits.

Fire up your Chrome or Firebox browser and search for “spinner” in Google. This will bring up a virtual fidget spinner at the very top of your search results. It also has the option for a number spinner a la spin-the-wheel.

Chances are, many of you already play with your phones when you’re anxious or just want to kill some time, so it’s not like this virtual fidget spinner is going to break any new ground for you. I’m pretty sure its novelty is going to wear off soon enough as well.

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