Google will certainly like to get rid of the Pixel stock that it’s currently sitting on before the new Pixel handsets are unveiled. Google isn’t due to announce the new handsets for a couple of months. It’s offering a new promotion today to customers who want to purchase a Google Pixel XL from its online store. Customers who pick up a Pixel Xl from the Google Store will be eligible to receive a free Google Home smart speaker for a limited time.

Customers who want to take advantage of this offer can head over to the Google Store right now. There’s a method that they have to follow to get the Google Home for free with their purchase of the Pixel XL.

First, they need to add the Pixel XL to their cart. The handset costs $769 on the Google Store. They then have to add the Google Home smart speaker to the cart as well. The price won’t be reflected in the total during checkout so customers won’t actually be paying for this product.

Think of this as a $129 discount because that’s what the Google Home speaker costs. It brings the power of Google Assistant to your home and offers a plethora of features that include controlling smart devices to telling you jokes on-demand.

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