Google Home is great for if you want to command it to do certain tasks for you, but what about during your downtime? Does that mean that Google Home becomes useless when you just want to relax? It seems that Google wants to ensure that Google Home is used at all times, which is why the device can now playback relaxing ambient sounds.

For those who are looking to enjoy some relaxing ambient sounds after a long day at work or at school, not to worry as all you’d have to do is tell Google Home to either “Help me relax” or “Play ambient noise”. These sounds will be played back for an hour until users tell it to do something else. Alternatively users can also specify how long they want these sounds to be played back for as well.

These sounds include some pretty typical relaxing ambient noises that you might have already anticipated, such as nature sounds, water sounds, running water, a babbling brook, sounds of a crackling fireplace, the forest, ocean sounds, outdoor sounds, country night sounds, and even the sound of an oscillating fan.

If this sounds like something you might be be interested in, then fire up Google Home and take those sounds for a spin which should already be live and available.

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