Take-Two has rapidly been closing down GTA Online mods and the community isn’t liking it one bit. Rockstar’s parent company recently decided to ban the GTA 5 OpenIV mod and the community is now putting up a united front in its demand for the mod to be brought back. The community has crashed GTA 5’s review score on Stream by leaving tons of negative reviews in protest.

OpenIV was a multi-purpose editor and archive manager for GTA 5 on PC. It was a very popular mod for the title. It was banned because Rockstar believes that it enables malicious mods that have recently been making the rounds.

The community isn’t ready to believe Rockstar’s explanation, or see that several other mods that allow for cheating and griefing online have been shut down as well. Players are united in their demand for the mod to be unbanned.

A Change.org petition has already been started to “Save OpenIV.” It mentions that the closing of this mod leaves “10,000s” of players without being able to mod their games, something that has long been associated with the Grand Theft Auto series. It has only been five days since this petition was launched and it already has more than 50,000 signatures.

To get its point across to Rockstar, the community has also been downvoting Grand Theft Auto 5 on Steam in protest. Whether or not this will be enough for Rockstar to change its position on the matter remains to be seen.

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