Gamers who are getting a bit tired of the current content that Hearthstone has to offer will be pleased to learn that a new expansion will be announced soon. During a developer Q&A session, it was revealed that Hearthstone’s next expansion will be announced on the 6th of July and where it will later be released in August, but so specific dates have been set.

If you might recall, earlier this year Blizzard announced some changes that they’ll be making to the way Hearthstone expansions are being released. Instead of being a mix of expansions and adventures, Blizzard will be focusing more on a hybrid of sorts where they will release a huge batch of cards, as well as introduce elements from the adventures, so players will have a bit of both.

This will result in Blizzard releasing just 3 expansions in 2017 alone, but given that these expansions are expected to be quite hefty, hopefully it should be enough to appease players. At this point in time we’re not sure what the next expansion will be themed around, but so far they have been themed around the Warcraft universe and places in the World of Warcraft game. Either way check back with us next month if you’d like the official details.

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