Dark themes aren’t new and many apps in the past have introduced such options. However it recent years, there has been quite a bit of focus on entire platforms such as iOS and Android introducing such themes/options, but for the most part they have never really materialized beyond being spotted in betas.

However could iOS 11 be inching towards a dark mode? In a post on YouTube by iTwe4kz, it seems that iOS 11 has introduced what appears to be a dark mode that was not mentioned during the launch of the platform from a couple of days ago, although we should point out that it isn’t a 100% dark mode in the sense of that word.

For those unfamiliar, iOS has an “inverted colors” option which as its name suggests, inverts colors on iOS. This is an accessibility feature, but as iTwe4kz notes, iOS 11 has introduced a new feature called “Smart Invert”. What happens here is that it gives iOS a dark mode but it doesn’t invert all of the colors, meaning that for the most part things still look relatively normal.

There are some changes as iTwe4kz has noticed, such as a tint on the display when using this feature. Also the main dock on iOS has also changed color when using this feature, but like we said for the most part things appear relatively normal. It will probably also be the closest we’ll get to an official dark mode for now, but given that iOS 11 is still in beta, it’s hard to say what this feature will look like upon iOS 11’s release later this fall.

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