We know that companies such as Samsung and LG are interested in creating electronic devices with displays that can fold/bend. In fact the rumors are saying that Samsung is actually pretty damn close to launching such a product, but it seems that these companies are alone in their quest for bendable gadgets.

If you recall, last year Lenovo took the wraps off a concept smartphone that could be bent and worn around your wrist, but that’s not all the company wants to bend. In a recent event held in New York, Lenovo unveiled yet another concept device, this time in the form of a foldable PC which is basically a laptop that you could fold like a piece of paper and stuff it into your backpack.

Now we’re not sure how much different this would be compared to current laptops, some of which are already pretty portable, but we guess if you could fold it even smaller than a laptop, it could possibly fit into a smaller bag like a handbag, thus making it more portable. However this currently remains as a concept as there are many things to consider when making such a device.

For example not only does the screen need to be flexible, but so does its innards like the battery, the motherboard, and the rest of the components. However it is an interesting idea but what do you guys think? Yay or nay on the foldable PC?

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