The idea behind services like Lyft and Uber is that you can get a ride from wherever you are. However some places aren’t necessarily ideal for pickup which means that drivers might have a harder time locating their rides, or it could be congested and riders have to wait longer for their rides to arrive.

This is something that Lyft is working towards changing as they have introduced a new feature in the form of pickup suggestions. As the name and screenshot above suggests, this feature will basically suggest locations around the rider that they can go in order to be picked up, which could result in them saving time.

According to Lyft, “You’ve been there. Staring at the Lyft app as your driver circles the block, navigating one-ways or fighting traffic, to get to your pickup location. To help get you moving faster, Lyft now automatically looks for more convenient pickup spots that could be nearby. If one is found, you’ll have the option to meet your driver at the new location to save time.”

Of course for whatever reason if you’d rather just stay in place and wait for your ride, you have the option of doing so, but for those who are looking for cut down on the time they spend waiting and to make things a bit easier for drivers, this feature could come in handy. This feature is introduced in the latest version of the app, so be sure to update it if you haven’t done so already.

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