Many have praised Nintendo’s E3 presentation this year because the company unveiled quite a few major titles that would be coming to the Switch. In fact many gamers appeared to celebrate when Capcom announced that Monster Hunter XX would be arriving on the Switch, but it looks like gamers are about to be disappointed.

In a report from GameSpot, Capcom has confirmed to the publication that there are no plans to bring a localized version of Monster Hunter XX for the Switch to the west. What this means is that while Monster Hunter fans in Japan will be able to celebrate with the game, that can’t be said for gamers who are living stateside or pretty much anywhere else that isn’t Japan.

Now there is a silver lining to this, and that is if you recall, the Nintendo Switch is not region-locked. This means that creating a Nintendo eShop account in Japan will only take gamers a couple of minutes to setup, and from there they’ll be able to get their hands on the game. The only downside is that the game will still be in Japanese, but if your command of the language is passable, or if you don’t mind relying on translations, then that’s one way of getting around this.

Capcom had also announced Monster Hunter World, but unfortunately that game is not destined for the Switch and instead will be launching on the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC. We’re hoping that Capcom will change their minds with regards to a localized version of Monster Hunter XX, but until then gamers shouldn’t hold their breath.

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