Razer cemented its position as a disruptor in the PC gaming market a long time ago and it looks like the company is setting its sights on a whole different market. Razer may be planning to disrupt the mobile gaming market in a big way. At least that’s the implication you get from Razer CEO Tan Min-liang who said in a recent interview that mobile gaming is going to be “a huge part of our business” in the future.

Speaking to the South China Morning Post, Min-liang alluded to Razer’s nature for disruption by pointing out that before Razer started making them, there were no major notebooks made for the specific purpose of gaming.

Expanding on that point, the CEO said that “right now I don’t see any mobile device or software platform that really fulfills the needs of the [mobile] gamer.” This suggests that Razer is cooking up plans to take on the mobile gaming market in a big way.

Razer has taken some steps over the past couple of years which have suggested that it’s interested in this space. The company acquired failed console maker Ouya in 2015. Ouya wanted to launch an Android-powered casual gaming console but it couldn’t quite do that.

Razer also acquired Nextbit, the company behind the Robin smartphone. Min-liang has said that the Nextbit acquisition has given Razer the talent “to work on next generation devices.”

Exactly what those devices are going to be, that remains unclear at this point in time.

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