During E3 2017 yesterday, Microsoft announced that Minecraft would be cross-platform compatible, in which gamers on different gaming platforms such as mobile, PC, or console, will be able to play with each other. This covered pretty much every console out there, including the Nintendo Switch.

However one console was missing from that list and it was none other than the Sony PS4. While Sony has yet to confirm, a tweet by Windows Central’s Jez Corden revealed that Sony had apparently “refused”. In an article by GamesBeat, they approached Microsoft as to why the PS4 wasn’t included in the list.

According to Minecraft communications boss Aubrey Norris, “We can’t speak for Sony. But as we said, we would love to have our PlayStation 4 community join our Minecraft unification plans.” This isn’t the first time that Sony has apparently “refused” cross-platform support as previously Microsoft was ready to go with cross-play support for Rocket League, and that the ball was on Sony’s side of the court to make it happen.

We’re not sure why Sony’s PS4 isn’t on the list and what their reasons might have been for refusing, but we’ll update this article if and when Sony does respond to the allegations, but until then we guess gamers should just make peace with the fact that the PS4 won’t be part of Minecraft’s cross-platform feature.

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