With messenger apps like LINE or even iOS Messages, whenever you type a word/phrase that might have a corresponding emoji, you will be prompted as and given the option of using it. However with WhatsApp, you would still have to search for and insert emojis the good old fashioned way – manually.


It’s not really a big deal and for anyone who has used emojis long enough are probably familiar with what’s available, but for those who aren’t totally familiar, not to worry as WhatsApp appears to be bringing searchable emojis to the app. However we should point out that this appears to be a feature that is limited to the WhatsApp beta for now.

This means that if you don’t have the beta installed then you won’t be seeing it just yet, but basically as you can see in the screenshots above, users will soon be able to search for emojis by typing a keyword, like “hand”, “phone”, “laugh”, “love”, and so on. We’re not sure when this particular feature will be released in the main version of WhatsApp, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for it.

In the meantime for those who are interested, you can download the WhatsApp beta’s APK and sideload it onto your Android device, although given that it is beta don’t expect it to work 100% properly.

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