console that Microsoft has ever made. The company is going to properly unveil the Project Scorpio Xbox at the E3 2017 gaming convention soon. To provide customers an incentive to purchase its existing console, Microsoft has decided to cut the Xbox One S price prior to the Project Scorpio launch.

Microsoft has confirmed via Twitter that the Xbox One S consoles and bundles will be discounted by $50 starting tomorrow just as it launches the Project Scorpio Xbox and confirms crucial details like what it’s going to be called and how much it’s going to cost.

It merits mentioning here that Microsoft has not confirmed if this Xbox One S price cut is going to be a permanent affair or if it’s just a limited time promotion that’s going to end after a certain period of time.

Microsoft later confirmed that the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 500GB bundle and the Xbox One S 1TB Forza Horizon 3 will both be discounted by $50. This means that customers will be able to pick up 500GB and 1TB bundles for $249 and $299 respectively. The company has confirmed, though, that only select bundles will receive the price cut.

It would be nice if the company also confirmed for how long the price cut would remain in affect, or if it has decided to permanently reduce the Xbox One S price by $50.

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