As much as we would love our batteries to last us forever (in terms of use and lifecycle), that is obviously impossible since at the moment, the li-ion batteries that are commonly found in electronics tends to lose their charge over time. However thankfully in some instances, such as with laptops, batteries can be replaced without any issue.


Unfortunately for some 2012/early 2013 MacBook Pro owners, getting their batteries changed is running into some problems as there are reports of a severe constraint of top case assemblies with integrated batteries, so much so that apparently Apple is willing to replace some of these laptops that need battery service with a functional equivalent model.

We’re not sure how one might qualify to receive a new equivalent model, as a post on Reddit suggests that not everyone was successful in their attempts. However there were some that appeared to be very successful, like one user who claims that his laptop was replaced with a 2017 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and all they had to do was pay for the battery service fee of $199.

Some weren’t as lucky and got 2015 or 2016 models, so like we said it doesn’t seem like it is a guarantee that you will get a new laptop, but if your MacBook Pro is in need of a battery replacement or service, you can always try your luck.

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