Dish has long tried to break into the wireless business in the United States. It has held talks about deals, mergers, and acquisitions with major industry players like Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T but to no avail. It appears that the company is now putting its money on another suitor which might potentially be interested in the wireless business itself. That company is said to be Amazon.

The Wall Street Journal reports today that Dish and Amazon have been talking about a potential partnership to enter the wireless business. The ideas being discussed are said to include Amazon funding the launch of a new cellular network that users Dish’s spectrum holdings.

The scribe does point out that the two companies are not close to reaching a deal at this point in time. They are just having discussions so there is every possibility that the talks can fall through and nothing will materialize.

It’s suggested that a partnership will be preferred as opposed to a merger between the two companies or an acquisition which sees Amazon acquiring Dish as a whole. Not that Amazon isn’t fond of spending big money on acquisitions. You may recall that it recently paid $14 billion to acquire Whole Foods.

The companies haven’t officially commented on the matter so there’s no point of view that they’ve shared so far.

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