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Google Assistant Is Now Available On Dish Hopper Receivers
The Google Assistant is already available on a wide variety of devices and it can help you get a lot of stuff done with just your voice commands. Add surfing through the list of TV shows or movies to that as well. The Google Assistant is now available on the Dish Hopper family of receivers. It will enable users to find their content faster using nothing but voice commands.

Dish Announces That It's Entering The U.S. Mobile Market As A Major Carrier
The Justice Department had concerns about competition in the U.S. mobile market reducing if T-Mobile and Sprint were allowed to merge. It wanted to maintain the status quo of having four major wireless players. That’s where Dish came into the mix. It was reportedly in talks with a deal to acquire the merging carriers’ prepaid businesses. Dish has now confirmed that it will indeed be entering the country’s mobile market […]

Dish May Soon Become The Nation's Fourth Major Carrier
The T-Mobile and Sprint merger would result in significant consolidation of the U.S. market and that’s something that the Justice Department has not been too keen about. That’s why Dish has been in talks with the two carriers to acquire the prepaid carrier Boost Mobile. According to a new report, Dish has reached an agreement with T-Mobile and Sprint for Boost Mobile worth $1.5 billion and spectrum assets for an […]

Google Assistant Is Now Live On Dish Hopper Devices
Dish had confirmed that its Hopper devices would get Google Assistant support. Those who own these units have been waiting for a few months now and their wait finally ends today. Dish has confirmed that its Hopper devices now offer Google Assistant functionality which means that users can control their receivers hands-free using just voice commands.


Sling TV Now Has More Than 2.2 Million Subscribers
Never before has Dish reported Sling TV subscribers separately but it has now done that for the very first time. Sling TV is Dish’s standalone online TV streaming service that has been around for a few years now. The company reports that Sling TV subscribers have grown by 47 percent to reach over 2.2 million.

Dish Adds Google Assistant To Set-Top Boxes
Dish today announced that it’s going to bring Google Assistant to its set-top boxes in the coming months. This is going to be the first time that its customers with a Hopper, Joey or Wally set-top box can control their TV using voice commands in multiple languages, including English and Spanish. Google Assistant is going to add a host of new functionality to these set-top boxes.

CBS Ends Channel Blackout On Dish
Dish subscribers were unable to access some CBS channels over Thanksgiving due to a blackout by the latter. The two companies had failed to find a middle ground over a carriage agreement which meant that Dish customers couldn’t watch NFL games this Thanksgiving. The blackout seems to have pushed things along as the two have now reached a multi-year deal which covers networks like CBS, CBS Sports Network, Pop, and […]

CBS TV Channels On Dish Blacked Out
CBS and Dish aren’t on the best of terms right now and that has resulted in the blacking out of dozens of CBS channels on Dish. What that means is those who were looking forward to catching NFL games this Thanksgiving might have to make alternate arrangement. CBS had said that it would black out its channels as a result of its ongoing dispute with Dish on subscription fees. The […]

Amazon Could Enter The Wireless Business With Dish
Dish has long tried to break into the wireless business in the United States. It has held talks about deals, mergers, and acquisitions with major industry players like Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T but to no avail. It appears that the company is now putting its money on another suitor which might potentially be interested in the wireless business itself. That company is said to be Amazon.

Dish Integrates Alexa With Hopper DVR
Dish today announced that it’s now the first TV provider to offer direct compatibility with Amazon Alexa. This integration will enable users to watch TV hands-free with Amazon’s digital personal assistant. Starting today, Dish customers with a Hopper or Wally set-top box and an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Amazon Tap can use Alexa to watch TV hands-free.

Dish's New AirTV Box Streams Sling TV, Netflix, And Local Channels
We saw reports several weeks ago that Dish may soon launch a new set-top box calling AirTV Player. Reports mentioned that the box would enable users to stream Netflix, Dish’s standalone TV streaming service Sling TV, and local channels over-the-air. Dish has officially announced the AirTV Player set-top box today. It’s powered by Android TV.

Dish Offering Free HopperGo To New Subscribers
Dish wants to bring in a lot of new subscribers this holiday season which is why it has launched a new promo through which it’s offering the HopperGo for free to all new subscribers. The HopperGo is a mobile video storage device that was launched by Dish earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas. The device was later released to the public in May.

YouTube Now Available On Dish Hopper 3 DVR
YouTube is making inroads into the pay TV market. It has inked a deal with Dish which makes the latter the first pay-TV company in the United States that enables its customers to play any and all videos from YouTube right on its set-top box. Dish Hopper 3 is the first DVR to support a native YouTube experience in what’s most certainly an industry-first.

Dish Launches New Skinny Bundle Called Flex Pack
Dish today announced the launch of a new skinny bundle that it calls Flex Pack. It provides Dish customers with choice and flexibility to create a personalized TV package. The skinny bundle starts at $39.99 per month and includes a core package of programming which consists of more than 50 channels while customers will also get a choice of one of eight themed channel packs.

Sling TV Introduces New Services, Launches NBC, BBC America, And More
Sling TV today announced the launch of new single-stream and multi-stream services as well as the addition of NBC, BBC America, and additional content partners. The single-stream service is called Sling Orange and it includes BBC America and BBC World news, the package remains at $20 per month. Sling Blue is the new multi-stream service that features NBC, USA, Syfy, BBC America, BBC World News, and more for $25 per […]

HopperGo Portable DVR By Dish Available Now
Dish unveiled the HopperGO portable DVR earlier this year in January at the International Consumer Electronics Show, at that time the company had said that this product would be released later this year. Almost five months after it was first announced, the HopperGo portable DVR is finally available for purchase. It has an internal hard drive which can be filled with movies and TV shows recorded using several of Dish’s set-top […]

You Can Now Call Dish To Fix Your Broken iPhone
Dish, a satellite TV company, has announced a new service that’s quite different from what it has been doing for years. It will now come to your home to fix your broken iPhone, yes that’s right, you can now call Dish to have repairs made on damaged iPhones. Starting today, anybody in the United States can request an on-site screen or battery replacement from Dish.

Dish Allows Easier Netflix Viewing
Do take note that Netflix was available on Dish set-top boxes not too long ago – in December of last year, in fact, and as usual, the spirit of wanting to make things a whole lot better and more efficient has led to Dish offering an improved level of integration between its platform as well as the video-streaming service for its subscribers. In other words, Dish subscribers who happen to […]

Dish Network Launches A 4K Set-Top Box
The folks at Dish have already unveiled their plan of going after cord cutters who are moving away from the traditional model of watching and paying for TV but they’re not done yet with millions of subscribers who still use its pay-TV service. For them, it has announced the launch of a new 4K ultra HD set-top box which will bring content in ultra high definition to compatible TV sets.

Sling TV Is A $20 Monthly Internet TV Service
There is no doubt that internet TV is changing the landscape. Major providers which were previously closed to the idea are now scrambling to get their own services up so that they can cater to cord cutters who would rather pay for a streaming service they can access through a variety of devices than pay for a conventional cable or satellite service. Dish today announced Sling TV, its new internet TV service, which […]