Apple’s iPhones aren’t cheap, and there have been many jokes made in the past about how Apple customers are paying more for “less”. That’s not a perception that is going to change anytime soon, especially when you consider the rumors that the upcoming iPhone 8 could cost upwards of $1,000.

However it seems that there is at least one person who thinks that the iPhone’s price is worth it. Speaking at a tech conference in Guangdong, China, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was quoted as saying that he thinks that the iPhone’s hefty price tag is worth it, especially when you think about its quality.

In a report from the South China Morning Post, Wozniak was quoted as saying, “Here’s is what I admire about Chinese phones: really good intelligent decisions about how to lower the cost but keep enough of the functionality. In life, I don’t believe in quantity as much as I do in quality. So (Apple) may not have the hugest share in the market, but you should have the best product you can possibly build and Apple qualifies for that.”

However at the end of the day, we suppose it depends on why you would pay so much, but do you agree with Wozniak’s assessment of the iPhone, and whether or not it is worth the premium compared to other brands?

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