Earlier this year it was confirmed that Konami’s Castlevania would be getting its own animated series on Netflix. The series was launched a couple of days ago on the 7th of July, but it looks like it might have proven to be a hit because it seems that Netflix will be launching a second season for the series.

We should point out that the first season of Castlevania is rather short coming in at four episodes that run for about 23 minutes each. We’re not sure why the season was so short, but perhaps Netflix simply wanted to test the waters before ordering more. Thankfully for fans the second season appears to be longer at 8 episodes.

At this point in time there’s still no word on when the second season will be debuting, but if you do have Netflix and want to check out the series, you’ll be able to do so now as all the episodes are currently up for streaming. So far reviews of the series appears to be mostly positive, although one of the main gripes is how the first season is far too short, but hopefully with season two essentially doubling up on the episodes, fans will have more content to enjoy soon. We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled for more information in the future.

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