Facebook continues to take steps to counter the spread of fake news on the world’s largest social network. The company has now announced that it’s going to deprioritize links posted by high-frequency users, they’re the users who share a large number of posts every single day. The company’s research has shown that people who post more than 50 times every day are often sharing low quality content.

Facebook VP Adam Mosseri, who happens to be the lead on News Feed, mentioned that Facebook’s research has shown that people posting more than 50 times per day are often sharing low quality content.

The content they share tends to include clickbait, misinformation, and sensationalism. Facebook sees enough of a connection between fake news and high-frequency posts that it has decided to adjust its algorithm to account for such users.

This means that if you follow someone who is a high-frequency poster, you will begin to see fewer of their posts in your News Feed. Given that Facebook has two billion users across the globe, this minor change is going to have a lot of impact on the spread of low quality content.

The company has pointed out that this change is limited to individual users and not Pages. So if you’re someone who operates a page for a local business or service provider, you don’t need to worry. This change is not going to affect Pages regardless of their sharing frequency.

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